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Swing Trading For BIG GAINS!

Our proprietary trading system spots opportunities with HUGE gain potential.

Each night, we scour 1000s of companies, looking for the perfect swing trades. We look for strong stocks in strong sectors that have double or triple digit gain potential over the next month or two. String together win after win and it adds up.

Since the start of 2021, our Swing Trades are up over 43%, more than double the S&P 500!

We buy small, mid, and large caps; foreign and domestic stocks, growth and value stocks. It doesn't matter. We look for big gains and we find them.

Recent trades:

  • Up 40% on Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS)

  • Up 15% on Skyline Champion (SKY)

  • Up 20% on AdvanSix Inc. (ASIX)

Our picks have great upside, but we also minimize downsize risk.

We run computer based algorithms that run 24 hours a day. This ranks top stocks. Our team that shifts through the best opportunities and sends out the creme de la creme of picks.

Since 2013, these picks have average over 33% per year, more than double the indices! In 2020, Our Swing Trades were up nearly 100% for the year!

We send out BUY and SELL alerts, along with instructions on why we are buying and what to do next. We are about to release 2 brand new picks later this week!

Don't miss out on the next explosive trade!

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