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Beat Inflation with Our Swing/LEAP Trader

For a limited time, we are offering a SPECIAL $500 Discount!

Inflation has been running rampant... Up almost 10% in the past year and it's going to get really UGLY soon!

Food prices are up over 29% over the past year!

Energy prices are even worse, up over 75% in the past year!

Now inflation is going to get worse before it gets better.

There is great risk that the U.S. economy will suffer from stagflation. This occurs when prosperity stops rising. Stagflation happens when wages and retail sales cannot keep pace with inflation. Doesn't this sound a lot like today's environment?

Throughout history, stocks have often been the best hedge against stagflation. Now you CANNOT buy just any stock, you need the right type of stock - one that can rise in the face of inflationary pressures. We have identified the VERY type of stock that can make HUGE profits in the coming months as inflation heats up.

LEAP/SWING TRADER will have two types of alerts:

  1. Short term swing trade opportunities - typically 1 to 8 weeks in nature.

  2. Long-term LEAP opportunities - typically 6-18 months in nature.

There will be two ways to play these important trades: either through individual stocks or ETFs or through using leverage with Options. We will show you how to make explosive gains in the months ahead. I'm talking 100%, 300%, 500%, even 1,000% or more.

Don't wait! For the month of April, we are offering a $500 discount to help you beat inflation.

Normally, $1,999 per year, Today just $1,499.

You literally can pay for your annual subscription with just one good trade!

Jim B Bought 10 Contracts of our latest trade and Spent just $2,000 on the trade.

Less than 30 days later, he sold his shares for $4,000! A 100% return and $2,000 in profits on a very modest trade. That is why we charge a PREMIUM for this service.

The Option Swing/Leap Trader is like a license to print money. We win on 85% of our trades!

SIGN UP NOW before prices go up in May!

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