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Our Option Trader LEAP Trading System is firing on all cylinders!

This afternoon, we just locked in over $32,000 in portfolio gains in less than 4 months.

Here’s how it worked:

1. Identify stocks and ETFs with high conviction. We use advanced algorithms that identify top stocks and ETFs poised to make explosive gains in the months ahead.

2. Select and purchase option trades that have time for the move to unfold. Most options we select are 6-12 months out giving us plenty of time for an explosive move to happen.

3. Manage the risk. We update the positions and manage the risk on each position.

4. We send buy and sell alerts. You place the trades in your brokerage account.

This afternoon, with markets hitting new highs, we locked in HUGE profits on 8 positions, we purchased in the LEAP Trade portfolio within the past 4 months – in May, June, July, and August, as our systems spotted opportunity.

Here are the 8 positions where we locked in BIG wins:

  • Sold Danaos Corporation (DAC), a marine shipper, for 35% gains

  • Sold D R Horton (DHI), a homebuilder, for 35% gains

  • Sold Mr Copper Group (COOP), a finance services company, for 75% gains

  • Sold Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP), a health care company, for 75% gains

  • Sold Tempur Sealy (TPX), a bedding company, for 62% gains

  • Sold Camtek (CAMT), a semiconductor equipment company, for 30% gains

  • Sold United Microeletronics (UMC), a semiconductor chip company, for 85% gains

  • Sold PennyMac Financial (PFSI), a mortgage company for 80% gains

As you can see, we search the globe for opportunities. Small, medium, large companies; U.S. and foreign companies; many different sectors.

Does your retirement plan need a catch-up plan?

This could be just what you need!

It requires less than 10 minutes per week!

If you bought and sold these 8 positions, based on our trade alerts for these positions, you would be locking in over $32,000 in gains!

All on an average trade size of just over $7,000.

All this in less than 4 months!

Truly Amazing!

Our systems are firing on all cylinders.

Don’t miss out on our NEXT TRADE ALERT!

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