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Magnifying Gains on Our Favorite Stocks

Imagine taking a 33% gain and turning it into a gain of 122% or more?

Over the past two weeks, we 4x our return using options

One of my top ranked stocks in May was an Israeli technology company called Camtek Ltd (CAMT). Camtek Ltd., develops, manufactures, and sells inspection and metrology equipment for the advanced interconnect packaging, memory, complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensors, micro-electro mechanical systems, radio frequency, and other segments of the semiconductor industry.

CAMT had a bullish pattern and is one of our top ranked stocks in our Small Cap Portfolio.

So on May 12th, I sent out an Option Trader alert to buy the CAMT November calls under $6.

This means we want the stock to go up and we have until November 2021 for the move to take place.

The order filled at $5.40. We typically like to lock in at least a 100% gain, so the target sell was above $10.80.

Today, that contract hit $12!

Take a look:

On 7 contracts that was a gain of over $4600 on an investment of just $3,780.

Better yet, it took less than 15 minutes of time to buy and sell the option which we held for 12 days. So, busy folks can participate in these types of trades, as well.

People think options are risky, but we only had to risk less than $3800 to make this gain and could have traded as little as $540. To make the same gain as the option, we would have had to risk nearly $14,000 to make the same gain, buying just the stock. So you see, you can risk less capital with options and magnify the gains on some of your favorite stocks...

Our Option Trader program helps you spot trades just like this!

You can often make a whole year's worth of subscription fees with just a trade or two (depending on how much you are trading).

Let us help you find the next 100%+ winner.

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