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Commodities are Taking Off!

One of our favorite assets in 2021 has been commodity ETFs and stocks. We have been warning about impending inflation since mid 2020 when the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) starting printing massive amounts of U.S. dollars. We forecast that the dollar would be weak and commodity prices would soar.

Take a look at how a few of our favorite commodity trades have performed in 2021 thus far.

As of 5/12/21:

Copper: +43.5%

Oil: +39.5%

Steel: +67.7%

Timber: +17.6%

General basket of commodities: +28.5%

We have used both ETFs and individual stocks to take advantage of this booming trend.

Our All-Weather Portfolio is chock full of explosive commodity plays.

For just $199 you can gain access to all our current buy recommendations and future trade alerts.

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