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Another 100% Winner from Option Trader

We look for high stocks, flying under the radar. We spotted another 100%+ winner!

Case in point: Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO). Vista Outdoor Inc. develops, manufacture and distribute optics, accessories and eyewear.

This stock had a BUY signal on May 6th. It had a strong earnings signal, along with several other positive attributes in our ranking system.

We sent out a trade alert to buy the 30 Calls at $9 or less. We were able to buy at just $8.

Today, the stock is up over 10% and the option has now more than doubled:

Since we issued the BUY alert, the stock is up over 35%.

Even better, our option trade is up over 104%. Not too shabby for 3 weeks!

Want to spot the next 100%. Our Option Trader program can help.

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