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All-Weather Stocks for a Volatile Market

Have you ever been caught in the rain without an umbrella or left the house without sunscreen on a hot and humid day? Sometimes the weather catches us by surprise. Just like the weather, sometimes, the investment markets also catch us by surprise sometimes without a warning. There are times when the market soars and we miss out on gains or maybe we have too much in the market and see a major decline during volatile times. That is why we created the All-Weather Portfolio Strategy

The All-Weather Portfolio is suitable for more cautious investors, those with time horizons of five to seven years, and those who are close to or in retirement. The goal is to protect against losses in a down market and take advantage of the markets when they rise. This portfolio is designed to help you weather the storm.

In the All-Weather strategy, we look for more stable companies in stable industries that typically pay at least a 1-2% dividend. We also add fixed income, cryptocurrency, foreign currencies, precious metals, and other hedging vehicles to help lower volatility in an attempt to produce more consistent returns.

We want to help you find quality companies to grow your wealth. In doing so, we should not only look for companies that avoid violating your faith, morals, and beliefs, but also seek to find positive companies that are making a difference in this world. Our faith-based investing process is about discovering companies that you can believe in.

How do we do this?

We use a four-step process:

1. Avoid companies that violate your faith and values. Some of the types of companies we can avoid include those involved in:

· The abortion industry

· Producing explicit entertainment and pornography

· Embryonic stem cell and fetal tissue research

· Homosexual activism

· Producing alcohol and tobacco

· The gambling industry

· Environmental abuse

2. Seek out those companies that complement your faith and values. This involves finding companies:

· Helping the poor and defenseless

· Protecting the sanctity of human life

· Producing morally sound entertainment

· Finding cures for life threatening diseases

· Improving society and the world around us

3. We seek investments with strong financial potential. We examine the up and downside potential of every investment, looking for companies with low debt, attractive valuations, growing earnings, strong management/leadership, in growing sectors of the economy (to name a few).

4. We seek to help you diversify your holdings. This involves buying stocks, bonds, alternative investments like gold, silver, and oil, and cash investments. By diversifying your risk, we help you gain peace of mind and potentially higher rates of return.

Many investors have been searching high and low for help in these turbulent times. They want to control their own portfolios but need guidance, direction, and good investment ideas.

Today I want to provide you with access to OUR VERY BEST IDEAS:

• All of our current recommendations

• All of our private market insights.

• All of our real-time buy and sell alerts.

• Monthly updates and timely advice.

All-Weather Portfolio invests in some of the strongest investment trends. Here is a sample of some of the trends we have exposure to:



We will continue to see a major rise in global food consumption:

· The rising global population is contributing to a substantial increase in food consumption and demand, particularly from emerging markets.

· The proliferation of bio fuels is another major driver of agriculture demand, and higher prices as well.

· A dwindling supply of arable land is compounding the demand challenges, but creating opportunities for companies that can provide more efficient ways to grow and harvest crops.


Multinational Staples

Companies who offer recession proof products around the globe should continue to thrive!

· With 70%–80% of the world’s population living in developing countries, emerging markets have been a growth area for many consumer staples companies.

· As per-capita wealth has risen in these emerging economies, goods considered staples in developed countries have become universal needs and wants.

· With the increase in global consumption, staples companies have great opportunities to increase their market volumes and accelerate their earnings growth rates.


Health Care

The growing need for health care is a universal theme around the globe!

· Aging populations in developed countries will need more health care.

· As emerging markets adopt modern medical practices, their consumption of health care will increase.

· Growing global utilization may benefit providers of low-cost, high-volume health care products that will be demanded in both developed and developing countries.

These are just a few of many trends and themes we focus on…

ALL-WEATHER PORTFOLIO: Strong results in all market conditions.

All-Weather Portfolio (AWP)

• The portfolio designed for rain or shine (good or bad markets) over the next 5+ years.

• Lower volatility

• Focus on higher quality, dividend paying stocks

• Combines stocks, bonds, and alternative investments like precious metals, real estate, and cryptocurrencies.

How has the strategy performed?

The portfolio has returned over 266% since 2010, beating the S&P 500 with lower risk!

Who is this service right for?

Investors interested in:

· Strategies for short-term and long-term investing.

· Value and growth opportunities.

· Fundamental and technical analysis.

· Stable income investments and growth stocks.

· Large cap, mid cap, small cap, and global companies.

Gain access to all of our research and portfolio recommendations designed to help you reach your goals.

All-Weather Portfolio (AWP) blends high-quality, dividend paying stocks with fixed income, currencies, commodities, and other hedging vehicles to help you do well come rain or shine. This portfolio is about protecting your hard-earned money from the ups and downs of the markets and the devastating impact of inflation.

Here's what you get:

Each month members receive:

  • Get 24/7 Real-Time Access to our latest research and portfolio recommendations.

  • Receive instant BUY and SELL alerts directly in your email inbox every time we make a change to the portfolio

  • Get monthly portfolio briefings from Jay Peroni, CFP

  • Just $199 per year

Don't miss your chance to gain access to all of our strategies that are designed to make money for you, regardless of market direction, regardless of volatility.

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